1. Get a Screening License

Thank you for bringing Human Harvest to your community and organization. Awareness is critical to end the atrocities of forced organ harvesting in China.

Any screenings of Human Harvest to a group of people requires licensing, regardless of whether they are a paying audience or not. For screenings to a non-paying audience, a licence fee of USD 150 per screening is applicable to offset some production and distribution costs. For screenings to a paying audience, the license fee will be based on factors such as the admission fee, the number of viewers etc.

To get a Screening License:

2. Access the film

Once the paperwork is completed and the License Fee is paid, you will receive a link to download Human Harvest. You can either use a media player to play the file directly or burn a DVD and use it in the screening. Regardless of the method used, it is very important to thoroughly test the video and audio systems before the screening.

Please Note: Unauthorized transmission will jeopardize our efforts to secure distribution through mainstream broadcasters worldwide. Therefore, we have implemented invisible digital watermarking to track and prevent unauthorized transmission. We appreciate your assistance in keeping the link and the file to yourself.

3. Submit a Screening Report

Please submit a Screening Report within 7 days of each screening. It is important to send us photos of the screening. We will use the photos for assessment and promotion purposes.